Behind the Story: Corazón 805 Tacos

A few weeks ago, our group was brainstorming local entrepreneurs to interview for a story for The Intrepid. Kim Bisheff recommended that we speak with the owners and chefs of the local taco pop-up shop, Corazón 805 Tacos. My team member, Sydney Ozawa, had tried the taco pop-up and spoke very highly of them, so we were each very excited to try them out.

Pedro Arias Lopez and Crescencio Villar are the owners and chefs of Corazón 805 Tacos. Lauren Ladrech interviewed Lopez to discuss the steps they took to start a business and the challenges they have faced along the way. When they first came up with the idea to begin this pop-up, it wasn’t easy, and they had to learn to work together through the process.

“Villar and I work well together because he knows the kitchen: how to balance the flavors,” Lopez said. “I don’t know how to do that, so a few years ago I went to Oaxaca and Yucatan, and I took classes and brought him back recipes.”

“I had a great conversation with the owner, Pedro, of Corazón 805 Tacos,” Lauren Ladrech said. “The story of how he began the business was truly inspiring, which set me up to integrate some special quotes into my story.”

The taco pop-up caters at the local brewery, Liquid Gravity, so Sydney Ozawa had no trouble visiting them. Ozawa was in charge of audio and video and was able to get some great footage of them making tacos for customers. 

“Doing the video/audio part for this project was super fun,” Ozawa said. “I went to Liquid Gravity on a Friday when Corazón 805 Tacos was catering and was able to take some awesome b-roll footage of them in action. I also tried the tacos, and they were amazing!”

Daytona Clarke was in charge of interactive and used screenshots from the videos Ozawa took to create photos.  

 “Creating the interactive portions of the story was interesting since I hadn’t heard of this business before,” said Daytona Clarke. “It was really fun going through the photos of Corazón 805 Tacos catering at Liquid Gravity.”

The interview brought light to an inspiring story about the creation of this business. We wouldn’t have known all of the steps it takes to start such a business. Creating this story challenged each team member, but we are each so glad to have been introduced to this amazing business!