Force of Nature: Behind the Story

A few weeks ago our team was asked to write a story about a climate activism company based in London, UK called Force of Nature. This is something we all are very interested in so when we were assigned this important company we were very excited! 

“Force of Nature is a youth non-profit mobilising mindsets for climate action. We believe the threat even greater than the climate crisis is how powerless we feel in the face of it; and we won’t solve this crisis until we mobilise mindsets,” Phoebe Hanson, Operations Director said in an email.

Lore Valenzuela was in charge of writing the story and said she really enjoyed learning about what this company stands for! 

“It was great talking to Phoebe, she was very knowledgeable and seemed like she cares a lot about her work,” Valenzuela said. “Writing the story was a bit difficult because she gave us so much information that I wanted to use, but I had to narrow it down a lot to have a clear and concise story.”

There was definitely a lot of information for a topic this important.

Grace Pickering was in charge of the audio and video portion and said, “I had a great time talking to Phoebe about the change she’s trying to make and how people can get involved. I do wish I had more visually stimulating images for the video but it is what it is.”

As a group we had to be somewhat creative to make videos and infographics due to the distance and time difference between us and Force of Nature. If you would like to check out some of their own graphics head over to their social media page!

Gabriella Salibo was in charge of interactives and was also left with a challenging task.

“I really pushed myself out of my comfort zone for the interactive element of this story, but I wanted to create something meaningful and engaging for the audience,” Salibo said. “This company is all about empowering the young and joining the  movement to combat climate change, and I think the interactive that I chose really allowed people to feel like they are part of it.” 

Overall we all had a blast on our last story of our college careers. We learned a lot and are really looking forward to watching this company carry out such important work.

Lastly, Force of Nature has a podcast that we think is really worth your time. Each episode features an influential character in climate activism.