Behind the Scenes: The Rise of The Bogeys

On the long, desolate stretch of Tank Road sits a glimmer of San Luis Obispo’s bustling music scene: The Sauce Pot Studios. Inside the recording studio, local alternative band The Bogeys is hard at work on their music.

For our Jour 462 group project, my group decided to cover The Bogeys and all the work that goes into making their music. My group members Christian Laubacher, Tabata Gordillo, Jay Serrano and I visited The Sauce Pot Studios and checked things out.

The Bogeys working at The Sauce Pot Studios

Although getting to explore the studio and sit down and chat with the band was fun and exciting, the process behind our group project was not easy. Our original topic fell through after sources did not get back to us, and we were forced to start from scratch. Luckily, The Bogeys came through for us.

“I would say that the most challenging aspect of the project was having to find a new story last minute since our previous pitch fell through,” Gordillo, who did the audio and video, said. “Fortunately, we had a quick turn around because The Bogeys were super cooperative with our last-minute interview.”

Band member AJ Absy singing at The Sauce Pot Studios

“The hardest part of this for me was having to pivot after our initial story fell through,” Laubacher, who wrote the article, said. “We came up with a great topic though, really quickly, but it was just stressful. It was also a struggle for me to write about music and the arts. I’m not as used to this type of writing, so it challenged me in a really good way.”

However, there were definitely upsides to the project. Serrano, who did the multimedia component of the project, enjoyed the behind-the-scenes look at the studio.

“My favorite part of this project was getting to go and take photos during the recording session,” Serrano said. “It was awesome getting to hear the guys play and get a sense of what the band was doing while I worked.”

The Sauce Pot Studios van where they store equipment


I definitely agree that getting to sit in on the band’s recording was the coolest aspect of this project. I had only briefly heard of the band through a KCPR piece,  so it was super helpful to hear their music up close and personal. I was surprised by how long the recording process takes and how much effort goes into one seemingly simple song.
“Trying to embrace this diversity and embrace this culture is what music’s really all about. In SLO, that’s what we’re trying to do.” -Absy
I did a lot of outside research for this project and found that The Bogeys are even on Spotify. Their most popular songs on there are “Shoreline Breeze” and “Dive Jam.”
Although this project could definitely be stressful at times, it definitely gave my group and me a better understanding of and appreciation for the  growing, bustling local music scene blooming here in SLO.