Behind the Scene- Psychic’s, Beyond the Crystal Ball

Psychic’s: Our Initial Interest

With Halloween coming up, my group and I brainstormed numerous ideas to report on that we felt were fitting for the spooky season. Haunted houses, ghosts on campus, and graveyards, were just a few ideas that initially crept into our brains. However, as we sat there trying to think beyond the typical halloween horrors, we found ourselves diving deeper and deeper into research about one human phenomena, Psychic’s.

According to the dictionary, someone with psychic powers obtains abilities “that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, especially involving telepathy or clairvoyance.” Psychic’s  typically perform the following activities to tell ones future: palm reading, tarot card readings, and reiki.

Finding our Psychic’s

We came across a couple obstacles in finding people on a college campus who either are practicing physic’s or have used a psychic for one of their services.

A major road block we came across is that many people do not actually believe that the work psychic’s do is “real”.

Fellow team member Michelle Chatfield even felt a bit skeptical prior to our research.

“It was a really interesting topic to work on and definitely made me a lot more trusting in psychics.”

However, all skepticism vanished once we finally found our subject: journalism junior Rachel Marquardt. Rachel has been practicing palm reading since she was in seventh grade.

Marquardt analyzing a palm she is about to read.

She originally pursued the activity when her and a group of friends were bored and decided to pick up a palm reading book at the local mall one day.

Since then, she has read numerous palms of friends and family. Though she claims her talent is just a “party trick”, we were all convinced that she has a real knack for it after hearing some personal anecdotes.

She recalls one time where she read a friend of a friends palm, and as she told him what she found, he told her that was all accurate and true.

Learning about different types of psychic practices was very intriguing to our group.

Group member Serena Lopez said, “It’s really cool to learn about this topic because there isn’t much news about it. I think it’s going to be educational for readers.”

Marwuadt being interviewed by our group.
Professional Psychic in SLO

As we researched more about psychic’s our goal was to find one locally who does this for a living. This is when we found Sabrina Lovell, a local tarot and reiki reader in Morro Bay.

Sabrina Lovell reading tarot cards.

After conducting an interview with Sabrina in her friends garage, we all felt very confident and sure that Sabrina had a sixth sense of being able to predict and guide people about and through their future.

We even got one free personal tarot card reading. Michelle was elected to get the personal reading and after her positive experience with it, the rest of us all decided to book readings withSabrina in the future.

team member Taysha Agharkar said, “I thought our interview with Sabrina was super interesting! I liked hearing all the stories and I’m definitely going to go see her to get a reading.”

Our Final Thoughts

Our group thoroughly enjoyed researching and conducting this story. Though we struggled with finding enough people who have had experiences with psychic’s, we still thoroughly enjoyed talking with the two we met.

We hope that this story will bring not only more knowledge of the concept of psychic’s to people but also shed some light on them and debunk some of the misconceptions.