Behind the Story: Campus Socialization Post COVID-19

Our story focused on how socialization will look like post-COVID. It seems like Cal Poly (and all CSU’s) will be mandating the vaccine after it gets approved by the FDA,  so we wanted to take a look at how students and faculty feel about going back to “normal.” 

We talked to interdisciplinary studies of the liberal arts chair, Dr. David A Kirby, about how he felt when classes went online and knowing that classes will resume in person in Fall. “But are we all gonna be wearing masks? Am I going to be wearing a little plexiglass? Do I have to monitor masks? That’s what’s going to make it a little bit odd and a little bit more difficult,” questioned Dr. Kirby. 

We also talked to beekeeping co-professors Jeremy Rose and Patrick Frazier about how they feel about classes going back in person. They offered a different perspective than Dr. Kirby because Rose and Frazier’s class was made to be in person. 

“I really enjoyed writing this story. We are all graduating this June, so we won’t be here to see what happened in the Fall. It was nice to hear from some of the professors on how they have felt this past year, and how they are feeling about going back to in-person in the Fall!” exclaimed our writer Lauren Wright. 

For our video, we wanted to offer another perspective. We had two team members go out to the streets on a weekend when bars are the busiest. They were able to talk to some bar-goers about their vaccine status and how they felt during the pandemic. 

“Talking to students downtown was entertaining. It’s strange seeing the world attempt to return to normal but I’m looking forward to the content being produced” said interactive director Grace Pickering. 

“Collecting the footage at the bars for the video was definitely interesting. People tend to give you odd looks and get nervous to talk to you, and I feel like that has a lot to do with the differing perspectives of what it means to be out and about again. Gathering those perspectives was very enlightening for me,” said writer Gabby Salibo. 

Through our story, we were able to gain important insight into how students and faculty feel about socialization after the pandemic.