Behind the Story #FightingFiresandCovid

A question and answer project format is not as difficult as other types of articles and blogs, however getting everything you need to make a great story during a worldwide pandemic, makes it a little harder.

Mitchell Woods, a 26 year old Cal Poly alumni who followed his passion in helping people and became a firefighter for the city of San Luis Obispo.

When I first contacted Mitch about interviewing him for this project, he was so open and excited to do it. We made a date to have an in-person interview the following week. The night before the interview, he called me and said he was getting transferred to go help fight the Glass fire in Napa county.

We rescheduled.

That happened another two times for two other fires. With him being a full-time firefighter, it was extremely hard to find a time where we both could sit down and have a conversation. “We have been slammed at work with calls… had two roll over car crashes, tons of medicals and a structure fire last night off Fredrick’s and Chaplin.” That was just one night, although he told me most shifts during the holidays are always hectic.

We ended up zooming week 8 of school, and it went really well. Although it went great, I would’ve preferred to do it in person because I believe in person interviews are always better.

Trying to find a time where Mitch and I could zoom was the biggest challenge this quarter, however, because I am doing this project on my own, it took a lot more time and effort to assure I write and create the best Q&A article.