SubSessions Silent Disco

The idea first came to us from talking with Wes and how he was putting together another concert event through his company SubSessions. We were really excited when Wes inspired us to do a story on SubSessions event Silent Disco. With the Social Networking Engagement report, I was hoping to hear back from people and students on what they wanted to know about the event/subject we were writing about. I started out by posting to the different Class of Facebook pages, my sorority page, and several music Reddit pages. My goal was to get enough feedback to then help Kylee figure out a clear angle she would write about. I then created a backgrounder that would later help my teammates research some similar stories that have been written about silent discos. Filling out the Community Engagement Report was helpful because it allowed us to figure out potential sources early on. I reached out to many sources whom included: John Mile (CEO of Hush Concerts), Natalie Goldstein (4th year Journalism major), Wes Berger (founder of SubSessions), and Anabelle Swezy (non-Cal Poly member).

“Writing the article for the story was a little hard at first, but once I talked to my interviewees it allowed me to solidify my angle on silent discos,” Kylee said.

We decided to do a trend piece on silent discos and how they are on the rise. By including SubSessions’ event Silent Disco, it added a first hand experience to the story of what a silent disco is actually like and the different people involved to make the event happen. We first talked to John Miles and he talked about the silent discos and how the headphone industry is growing and becoming more popular.

We then went to the event last Saturday and actually got to talk to a few of the DJ’s including the CEO of SubSessions, Wes. Many of the DJ’s were our friends, so when they had a break it was fairly easy for us to interview them about the event (in particularly how they felt performing at a silent disco). We also interviewed concert goers and they told us what they thought of the event and how it differs from regular concerts.

“Being able to capture such unique photos and video of the concert is really going to give our story that extra addition to make it be above and beyond” said Michael.

Having a Mustang News photographer not only helped us quality photos, but it will make our piece more professional looking.

“What I love about silent discos is for me personally I’m such an individual kind of dancer where I like to create my own bubble and just dance with myself and not have any distractions of people trying to talk to me and doing that whole ‘what’d you say?’ kind of game. And so what having headphones on really does provide for me is my own little world to dance,” said Sonya Soklova.

For our interactive portion, we decided take photos of the actual event and record snippets of a few of the DJ tracks that were played. This will allow the reader to actually listen to the D.J.’s music within our final piece.

“I’m really excited about how the final products for the interactive portion will turn out because our story heavily relies on my parallax element and photo slideshow,” said Sawyer.

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