HTML5 Slideshow How-to

WOWSlider Examples Setup Enter an email address, and then download WowSlider here. Save the .zip file to your desktop. Once the file is finished downloading, double-click to unzip the .dmg file. Open WowSlider by double-clicking the icon. Adding Images Add images via drag/drop. Click on each image to add captions (and title, if necessary). Customize […]

Custom Lower Thirds How-to

Layering text and images over video Version 1: Solid color background, sans-serif type and a symbol. Version 2: Semi-transparent background with a gradient and sans-serif type. Version 3: Artistic brush background. Version 4: Creative shapes and images as backgrounds. Version 5: Creative typography.

Scroll Kit How-to

*NOTE: WordPress purchased Scroll Kit and has taken the site offline. This walkthrough explains how to create a multimedia story using free parallax scrolling software (Scroll Kit). Here are some examples of scrolling style stories: The Manhunt for Christopher Dorner Pharrell Williams Interview Red Pow Bringing Jams to the Gym Connecting on the Spectrum Out […]