The Earth is our home, and we are the future. Instead of perpetuating problems, we must adopt more eco-friendly practices into our lives. Read about how students at Cal Poly are making changes, both big and small, to make a more beautiful and waste-free world to live in.

Sustainable Students

Marissa Miller, a second-year Environmental Management and Protection major from Hawaii, practices a sustainable lifestyle by eating a plant-based diet.” She first became interested in sustainable living in second-grade. “It was always kind of something my parents instilled in me at a young age and was always taught in school. In Hawaii there are a lot of organizations that are active in sustainable living. “My idol for everything, and sustainability, is Jack Johnson. When I was younger he visited my school and I learned a lot about it through his organization which is called ‘Kokua Hawaii Foundation.’ They educate on plastic-free living, food production, and self-sustaining systems. He uses his platform for a lot of really good stuff and focuses on holistic sustainability practices.” 
 “I’m actually known as the trash girl,” Marissa says, “I pick up trash whenever I see it and people associate me with the things I’m involved in like Surfrider Foundation and the Sustainability Department on the Green Campus Team...so I like to think I have some sort of impact on people. It’s really cool when people come back to me and they’re like, ‘Oh Marissa, I changed this, you inspired me to do this!’ or they get excited to tell me stuff because they associate me with that.” “Trash Girl.” Marissa cleaning up the beach after a surf session. “There are a lot of little things I do to reduce my waste, but I think the biggest things that do I aren’t the individual actions I take, but the impact I have on other people. But I do carry reusable grocery bags, water bottles, tupperware and utensils, and my own bulk and produce bags.”  Kacie Miller, a third-year Sociology major, is just one of the many students that Marissa has influenced. “I first started following her on Instagram and getting inspired by her posts about the influence of waste on the earth and her dedication to do her part. I’ve slowly been trying to change my ways and one of the biggest things I’ve done is cut out meat and dairy from my diet because of the environmental impact the production of these products have.”  Katerina Hitchcock, a fourth-year Biology major, is another Cal Poly student dedicated to reducing waste and positively impacting our environment. “Instead of plastic bags and wasteful items like seran wrap, I have reusable and washable storage bags and beeswax wraps that I can store food in. I also try to shop in bulk as much as I can and bring my own bulk bags, “ she says. “As far as straws go, I have glass and stainless steel straws that I bring everywhere and I don’t use plastic straws at all anymore.”  “I’ve been trying to learn to have a green thumb just because later in life I want to have a garden that is pretty sustainable. I have been growing a small garden in my backyard and I’ve started with lettuce, kale, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, and some herbs, like chamomile, mint, oregano, basil,” says Hitchcock. “My nexts steps will be to get reusable utensils, eco-friendly toothbrushes, and aim for a more plant-based diet,” says Hitchcock.   What these three students have in common is their dedication to make the world a better place. They find small ways to alter their waste production and prove that one little change can make a big difference.

their experiences

I asked three Cal Poly Students,"how do you practice a sustainable lifestyle?" These were their responses.

1. Emily Cross: Third Year, Wine and Viticulture major

2. Russell Stansell: Fifth Year, Business Administration major

3. Mikayla Mularoni : Third Year, Biology major

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Fourth Year Nutrition major, Mia Abram, talks about the dangers of fast-fashion, how to thrift, and her vegan lifestyle.

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