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Welcome to the SLO Breakers Website

SLO Breakers is a student run dance team operating out of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. We are a welcoming community that love to break. We accept members of all skill levels from people who have danced all their lives to none at all. At the end of the day SLO Breakers aims to foster an environment where anyone can express their creativity and passion through dance.

Our practices take place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 9PM - 11PM at the Cal Poly Rec Center Studio 2. If you're interested please come out! Breaking is one of the four core elements of hip-hop, and our organization was founded with the intention of bringing that culture to this campus.

What is SLO Breakers

We are a dance community for whatever you're looking for. If you need a place to relax or even just a casual form of exercise come check us out! When we started in 2017, we aimed to bring breaking to Cal Poly campus, and since then we've grown exponentially. We attend both competitions and conventions and consistantly collaborate with other dance groups on campus. We believe that the best way to learn is in a group and because of that we welcome dancers of all skill levels.

What is SLO Breakers' freeform practice?

This Gallery is a look into our freeform practice style whicxh we hold eevry monday. The goal is to allow for every dancer to work on their own individual style as well as give a chance for older members to provide feedback to younger ones.

SLO Breakers holds a free form practice for their members every monday from 9PM - 11PM at the Cal Poly rec center. A free form practice holds little structure, and mostly allows for their members to workshop their own moves and practice on their own. The aim of this is to provide their members with an open space to develop themselves as dancers, as well as a chance to recieve constructive criticism from their peers. “Freestyle is a large part of breakdancing, and too many structured practices can limit creativity,” said Ivan Yen, a third year mechanical engineering major and the president of SLO Breakers. “So having a freeform practice every week gives our members a chance to be creative and work on their own moves.” During the two hour practice period members are free to spend it however they see necessary. Not every member spends the entire two hours dancing as it can be both physically and mentally exhausting. Many use some of their practice time to use their phones or do homework, and others will help others members with their dance. “Honestly I come here for the people. Breakers is great exercise, great fun and it’s a great community,” said Alex Wyman a third year Mechanical Engineering major.
Despite forming less than two year ago SLO Breakers have competed in multiple competitions, however because of their small size they worked together with a team of Santa Barbara. 
“I first saw SLO breakers at Poly Cultural Weekend last spring. I had been breaking since high school so I thought I’d try it out. Everyone was friendly and willing to help so I decided to keep coming back,” said first year animal science major Tashi Sherpa. Since then SLO Breakers have grown considerably and they are currently preparing for upcoming competitions.

What makes you come out to Slo Breakers?

Click on images to hear from our dancers. We asked each of them why they come out to SLO Breakers each week. (double-click to pause audio).

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Click on the boxes to find videos of our performances. All of these videos are courtesy of SLO Breakers

Culturefest 2017

Red Bull Bracket Reel

UCBL Audition 2018

Where you can find us

Please, if you love what we do, follow us on our social media pages! And if you'd like to join us we have practices every Monday Wednesday and Saturday 9-11PM in the Cal Poly Rec Studio 2