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This website is dedicated to San Luis Obispo’s newest, properly strange, creative platform – SubSessions.

The Gigs

SubSessions is a creative platform for different artists in SLO. The intention behind SubSessions was to get all of the creative people in SLO together in one space to help promote each other through music and art. Photo Credit: SubSessions We have so many talented kids and its so obvious, and this is such a good environment for artists, but this town is kind of suppressive, it’s a struggle to be able to get an artist out of this town,” said Berger (not pictured). Pictured in this photograph from left to right: Hannah Holden, Jenny Gialketsis and Jack Boyce.  
. Photo Credit: Jenny Gialketsis SubSessions first major event took place out in a mine shaft in Pozo, California. “The first SubSessions was a call to action for who is down to commit to an event with an unknown location,” said Parong, “We tried to make it […] something you can’t easily get to, like you and your friends have to commit to attend.”
 Photo Credit: SubSessions What’s the best place to show off people that just have something interesting to do? An open field outside with music going on sounds pretty great to me,” said Berger. SubSessions has honed in on locations with large open-spaces for their events including a mine shaft in Pozo, Avila Pier, and their upcoming event at a venue that has yet to be announced. Photo Credit: Name SubSessions most recent event – a Backyard Pop-up Shop, took place on March 18, 2018. The event included art and merchandise booths as well as live music. Pictured here, is a performance at the event by musician and student Hakeem Sanusi. 
 Photo Credit: Carter Harrington Ashra Artistry is an organization that creates, “miniature art for the whimsical heart”. Pictured above is the Ashra Artistry booth set up at the SubSessions Backyard Pop-up shop on March 18, 2018. 
 Photo Credit: Carter Harrington Juniors, and partial founders of Subsessions, Jenny Gialketsis and Wes Berger enjoying an afternoon at the SubSessions Backyard Pop-Up Shop. 
 Photo Credit: Carter Harrington iT Designs is a merchandise company junior Jenny Gialketsis created, that works side-by-side with SubSessions. “iT means creativity, find your iT, do iT, and be unapologetically yourself with it, “said Gialketsis. The booth and merchandise in this image are covered triangles, the symbol iT prints uses in most of their designs to represent balance and creativity. 
 Photo Credit: Subsessions The SubSessions merchandise is hung on display to be photographed and sold on the company’s Instagram. The profits are then used to fund concerts and festivals that the company puts on, like their recent concert this past fall at Avila Pier.  
 Photo Credit: Subsessions

The Purpose

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The Platform

Jenny Gialketsis, Wes Berger and Christian Parong talk SubSessions and what they're all about.


Since SubSessions is all about the music, we delved into the statistics that make up America's music festival culture

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