Living Small explores the creative ways that people are using their vehicles. From tiny homes to surf vans, the possibilities are endless.


Aaron Stallings readies Bosco, a rescue dog for his bath. Photo Credit: Scott Middlecamp Stallings has worked out of a van grooming for 15 years. He has two vans and travels from Paso Robles to Orcutt.  Photo Credit: Scott Middlecamp The van shown is a Ford with a custom ceiling for more headroom. New vans, made by Waggin' Tails, run upwards of $60-80,000. Here, Stalling's dog Lacie waits patiently for him to finish up. Photo Credit: Scott Middlecamp Stallings enjoys listening to podcasts while giving dogs a bath and while blowdrying them. Photo Credit: Scott Middlecamp Bosco enjoys his blowdrying after his bath. Bosco has been seen by Stallings for four years. Photo Credit: Scott Middlecamp Stallings started with a pieced together van before adding a newer custom made one to his business, which he runs with his son, Marley. Photo Credit: Scott Middlecamp


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Florida-transplant Travis Gibson learned to surf and bought a van that had been repurposed as a surf mobile. The vehicle is outfitted with solar panels, a bed, a sink and more.


Interest in tiny homes and the "vanlife" movement is well documented in this google trends chart, which covers the past five years.

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