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Have you ever wondered what makes California barbecue different from the rest? From its history to where to get it, learn all you need to know about this gem of the Central Coast here.

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SAN LUIS OBIPSO|| January 25, 2018|| Every Thursday night at 5 p.m. members of the F. McLintocks staff begin setting up for their booth at the Downtown San Luis Obispo Farmer’s Market held from 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. Photo Credit: Monique Geisen Founded in 1973 by Bruce Breault, the restaurant chain is now owned by Breault’s son and has four locations in San Luis Obispo county, serving traditional California-style barbecue. The one located in downtown San Luis Obispo has been open since 1975 and has participated in the famers market since it began in 1983. Photo Credit: Monique Geisen The F. Mclintocks stand is many locals’ favorite stop, a line begins to form half an hour before the stand even opens. Patrons are drawn by the enthusiastic energy of the stand’s workers, and of course, the barbecue. Photo Credit: Monique Geisen Founder, Bruce Breault, and current owner and son, Toney Breault stand with employees to sing the national anthem before the opening of the booth. Once the song is done, the booth springs to life and customers rush down the line. Photo Credit: Monique Geisen “What’ll you have? What’ll you have?” Toney hollers each time a new customer walks up to his station. He quickly takes their order and shouts it back toward the men working the grills. Each order has its own call-and-reply. This family ordered an artichoke which elicited a call of “Artichoke!” “Kissed with smoke!!” Photo Credit: Monique Geisen “Fire in the hole” shouts this employee as the grill catches on fire and he douses it with a water bottle, looking completely calm as he does. As customer’s take pictures of the event he laughs and shouts “Five-dollar picture.” Photo Credit: Monique Geisen Toney shouts customer orders back to his grill-masters. The men work non-stop all three hours of the farmers market and the energy of the stand never wavers. Shouts of “You’re lookin’, we’re cookin’” Can be heard from grill-chefs across the stand. Photo Credit: Monique Geisen Victor Albarran has been working at F. Mclintocks for 25 years and started with them as a dishwasher. He worked his way from waiter to chef and now is the longest-running employee of the restaurant. “I try and put on a show” he said when asked whether he enjoys working downtown, he’s laughing and shouting with all the others despite being incredibly focused on the grill. Photo Credit: Monique Geisen “It’s really high energy, we’re just getting together and having fun,” Cal Poly agricultural systems management senior and F. Mclintocks employee, Toby Tonascia said. Photo Credit: Monique Geisen Marc declined to give his last name but dug into his F. Mclintocks ribs with great enthusiasm. “It was loud, and the line was super long. Long lines draw people and that usually means the food is good,” he said. Photo Credit: Monique Geisen By the time the night is done, the copious amounts of meat laid on the four grills the men are working will all be gone. F.Mclintocks can be found in Paso Robles, Arroyo Grande, Shell Beach and downtown San Luis Obispo selling classic California barbecue at each location Photo Credit: Monique Geisen

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Meet Bill Ostini, owner of one of the first California Barbecue restaurants on the Central Coast.

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Are you a barbecue expert or barbecue naive? Do you know the difference between an Alabama white sauce and a Texas mop sauce? There could be a book written about barbecue sauce and style alone, and there has been. But books are too long so here's the cliff notes. This infograph will tell you all you need to know about the barbecue styles used across America.

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