“Feminism” doesn’t have to be a scary word.


Cal Poly’s Gender Equity Center is expanding, creating a space where feminist-minded students can come together in community — and maybe change the world while they’re at it.

Thousands of students walk by Mustang News’ front-page photos, but they probably don’t realize the work that goes into each one. Photo editor Joseph Pack and photographer Ian Billings spent nearly two hours on a recent photoshoot — all for one perfect shot. Preparation began more than 30 minutes before the shoot. This single table bore thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment — multiple cameras, lenses and a laptop playing Vance Joy, the chosen soundtrack for the setup and teardown. Billings, a theatre senior, takes test shots to perfect the lighting in the studio in Graphic Arts (building 26). He said he tries to get as much grunt work done before the model arrives, to use up as little of their time as possible. The focus of the shoot, wrestler and business administration freshman Nick Fiegner, shed his clothes — and left them piled on the floor — in favor of his singlet. During one of many lighting adjustments, Pack, a graphic communication sophomore, holds up a reflector. Though Pack said he has only taken one photography course, he is learning everything he can from Billings, who plans to graduate this year. After nearly 30 minutes of shooting, Pack and Billings review the images. Though the physical photography is done, the pair still has at least an hour of work left to do, from tearing down the set to editing the final photos.


This is a completely irrelevant video, so you should just ignore it.


Each year, the Gender Equity Center puts on a production of the Vagina Monolgoues, originally written by Eve Ensler and performed across the nation. Click on the hotspots below to find out more about this year's show.