This website documents the 2014-2015 Cal Poly Surf Team. Read on to find out about both the men and women who make up the team and get a taste of surfing in the Central Coast.


Below is a slideshow of a trip some members of the Cal Poly Surf Team made to Cayucos one weekday of Cal Poly's winter quarter in 2015. The team left San Luis Obispo at around 6:45 a.m. to make it out to Cayucos and be the first surfers out in the area to catch waves.

<strong>Early start</strong> – Cal Poly parks and recreation freshman Taylor Mathiesen waits inside his Jeep at 6:30 a.m., in economics junior Adam Redding-Kaufman's driveway, on the Wednesday of week three of Cal Poly’s winter quarter. Redding-Kaufman is inside, gathering more members of the team to head outside. <strong>Stop here</strong> – The “Dead End” sign marks the end of the Cal Poly surf team’s drive to Cayucos’ surf spot “studios.” Kinesiology freshman Katie Parkinson (left) and kinesiology sophomore Rachel Smiley (right) both grab their boards at 7 a.m., with no one else around at the time. After, two pickup trucks drove in, then left minutes later, leaving the spot temporarily to just the team. <strong>Gazing out</strong> – Five members of the Cal Poly surf team check out the surf at 7 a.m. Wednesday morning of week three of Cal Poly's winter quarter. Despite having class that day until 8 p.m., Mathiesen (middle) came out with the team. “[I’m] passionate about surfing and want to be able to do it for the rest of my life. [Surfing] is one of the reasons I came to Cal Poly. I have the opportunity now to make use of the education and might as well get stoked to surf good waves,” he said. <strong>Catching up</strong> - Cal Poly liberal studies junior Quaid Tatlow is running down the stairs a second time after running back to his car from the beach. “I couldn’t decide which board to use,” he said. Tatlow, already behind the group, switched boards to adjust for the wind and waves at Studios in Cayucos. <strong>Plus two</strong> - The only other two signs of life on the beach when we arrived were a dog and presumably it’s owner. <strong>Shadow of the sun</strong> – The sun casts a shadow on a nearby beach house around 9 a.m. As the team was getting ready to leave that morning, they were able to get in a little more time before 10 a.m. classes. <strong>Show and tell</strong> - Redding-Kaufman takes a picture of the ocean view right before the team is ready to leave. “I always take a couple pictures out when it’s beautiful and throw them on Facebook,” he said.

Meet Adam

Below is an interview with Cal Poly Surf Team President and Cal Poly economics junior Adam Redding-Kaufman. In the interview, Redding-Kaufman talks about his experiences with the team and what surfing means to him. He also highlights how when he was young, even his own mom may have doubted that he would one day become a surfer.

The Team

In February of 2015, the Cal Poly Surf Team participated in the NSSA's Contest 4 in Huntington Beach, CA. I caught up with many members of the team and asked them about their experiences that day at 9th street in Huntington Beach, and also about the memories they have made so far while on the team.