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The Team

Here, you can follow the progress of Cal Poly’s chapter of Her Campus Women's Magazine. As they strive for the Pink chapter ranking, they will transform the magazine and break the stigma around women in journalism in a campaign called #HCGirlToWoman.

Anuja Argade, a Recreation, Parks, Tourism & Administration 2nd-year and VP of Her Campus Cal Poly, finishes updates at a club meeting on the chapter’s future partnerships with other campus clubs, including Real Food Collab and Triota, Cal Poly’s feminist activist group. Her Campus Cal Poly’s sign-in table at the meeting is scattered with glitter and Starbursts, along with the classic pink #HCCP logo. “We can be serious journalists and still love being girly!” said Aja Frost, an English 2nd-year, one of the two Editors-in-Chief of the magazine. Morgan Gutierrez, an English 3rd-year and Her Campus Cal Poly’s Twitter manager, looks on with the rest of the club as four members participate in a “Two Truths and a Lie” team-bonding game led by the club’s Member Engagement Chair, English 2nd-year Hunter Laningham. “Team bonding is important. We don’t want to just see each other’s names on the same site, we want to be a team that helps each other and has fun apart from the magazine,” said Laningham. At the end of the meeting, club officers always leave the magazine website on the whiteboard of that particular classroom for students to see on Monday. “You can never spread the word too much,” said Co-Editor-in-Chief Aja Frost. Her Campus Cal Poly’s members wait in line for free biscotti, courtesy of Head of Public Relations Anuja Argade, before leaving the meeting Sunday night.

Challenging Stigma

Vice President Anuja Argade on how HCCP is challenging stigma of women in the workforce

Reaching For Pink

Having started as a Silver-level chapter in Fall 2014, HCCP, under the leadership of Aja Frost and Hannah Joslin, has jumped to the Platinum level. The only thing standing in their way of being a Pink chapter by Spring 2015 is number of Twitter followers.