The Stories

Through this program, Cal Poly students will learn about how unique every person’s story is. Culture, diversity, and respect for others is taught in a community where personal expression is welcomed.
“There is nothing I do more often to clear my head than laying on the ground and closing my eyes. It’s the most serene. You should try it sometime,” stated Rebecca Werner, second year business major at California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo, whilst speaking about ways that she prepares herself to start writing her poetry for her participation in Another Type of Groove. Another Type of Groove, or ATOG, is an on campus gathering of students where each student shares there own unique stories in their own way. Rebecca chooses poetry. Rebecca paced in her apartment garage for 20 or so minutes before deciding to go back inside and begin writing again. “Sometimes I just need to get air,” she said, “it’s hard to stay cooped up in a little room and expect to get usable, creative results.” She suggested that the reason a lot of people get writer’s block is because they don’t get up and go outside. She believes it is a crucial part in the creative process. “I think Another Type of Groove has been one of the best things I’ve seen happen for her,” said Tori Saunders, California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo second year English major and Rebecca’s roommate, “I’ve been friends with Becca for a pretty long time and it wasn’t until she started reading at ATOG that she even showed me her poems at all.” Rebecca said that she was pretty nervous to show anyone her poems but for some reason, it was easier to read to the crowd at ATOG who didn’t know her at all rather than a friend who has known her for years. Rebecca said, “the only way I can really find a flow to my poetry is to listen to Ed Sheeran. I swear, and I know it’s strange, but he is the only artist I can listen to when I’m in the zone. Anything else would just be a distracting noise.” When Rebecca starts listening to music is when she begins her actual writing process. “I like to write about a lot of things,” she said, “but mostly really abstract concepts that even I have a hard time understanding sometimes. A lot of it is influenced from the movies I watch and the music I listen to.” Ryanne Martucci, California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo second year child development major said, “I had seen her sitting outside a few times actually before I asked her why she did that. She had told me it was because she was trying to write a poem. One time she was just reading actually. But anyways, I asked her and then I went to go see her read at ATOG and I was super impressed. Now sometimes I’ll join her if she’s sitting out there. Other times she looks like she wants to be alone though.” Rebecca said that even after she finishes a poem, she will go outside, sit on the corner and reflect over what she wrote. “Think of it like editing,” Rebecca said, “but instead of with pen and paper, it’s all in my mind.”

The People

California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo 2nd year political science major Chris Jimenez and 2nd year business administration major Michelle Renolayan have been close friends since they met their freshman year at Cal Poly. They decided to combine Michelle's writing with Chris' music to create a new form of poetry that they perform at Another Type of Groove every month.