This is SLOmmunity

SLOmmunity is a multimedia interactive website designed to inform and encourage people of all ages on the Central Coast of California to participate in local volunteer and non-profit organizations.

Through community outreach and involvement, San Luis Obispo county has many organizations that are completely non-profit and volunteer-run that enhance life and meet needs for the citizens of our local community.

From senior services, to homeless aid, Parks and Recreation to abandoned animal shelters, these community programs are in need of active volunteers.

The goal of this site is to raise awareness about the issues and needs in our local community and the organizations in place that aim to resolve and fulfill them. This site is also is a source of information to encourage people to volunteer and be an active part of strengthening community through service in a variety of ways.

The purpose of this map is to showcase five unique volunteering organizations in San Luis Obispo, and provide people with easily accessible information on how to give back to the local community. You find the icons for these organizations in blue. Click on the icons to learn more about each organization.
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