Kreuzberg Espresso Machine

Why get coffee in downtown SLO?

Downtown San Luis Obispo is known for locally owned coffee shops proficient in all the latest coffee trends. This website focuses on Kreuzberg California, Linnaea's Cafe, and Scout Coffee Company - three coffee shops within three blocks of each other. Three completely different vibes that create three completely different experiences, with one thing in common; each hot espresso drink comes adorned with beautiful latte art.


Jeff Jaquay steams milk on Monday, October 22 at Kreuzberg California. According to Jeff, perfectly steamed milk is the most crucial component to the aesthetically-pleasing handcrafted beverages that he is proud to create. The components of creating a latte with a design on top, dubbed latte art by baristas, begins with espresso. Ryan Toledo begins making a drink by grinding espresso into a portafilter at Scout Coffee on Monday, October 22. A portafilter is then fitted into its place in the espresso machine at Linnea’s Cafe on Monday, October 22. Water is filtered through the grinds at a high pressure and espresso begins to pour. Ryan Toledo pours the fresh shot of espresso into a ceramic mug at Scout Coffee on Monday, October 22. The espresso will be topped with steamed milk. Chris Burd steams milk at Linnea’s Cafe on Monday, October 22. Chris is passionate about coffee and the drink making process; he has worked at Linnea’s for over twelve years and loves it so much that, although he now has another full time job, he still covers coworker’s shifts when possible. On Monday, October 22, Ryan Toledo carefully pours steamed milk into the espresso at Scout Coffee, being careful to pour gently enough as to not break the top layer of the espresso, or the “crema”. If milk is steamed perfectly and poured delicately enough, a barista will be able to begin a design on top of the drink. Jeff Jaquay demonstrates the beginning of a leaf design at Kreuzberg California on Monday, October 22. Chris Burd begins pouring steamed soy milk into espresso at Linnea’s Cafe on Monday, October 22. Every barista has different secrets and a different method to their craft, making each drink unique and new. Chris Burd pours soy milk into the shape of a leaf at Linnea’s Cafe on Monday, October 22. At the end of the process, a consumable work of art emerges in a mug. Ryan Toledo hands a latte to a customer at Scout Coffee on Monday, October 22. This handoff from barista to customer happens countless times each day in infinite cafes across the world, but each drink is unique because each barista takes pride in what they can create.

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