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Cal Poly Cycling, which possesses a deep history dating to 1972, is a collection of like-minded individuals that are interested in San Luis Obispo cycling. Members actively engage in community events, exploration, racing, riding, and socials. Through the Western Collegiate Cycling Conference, mountain racing extends from September-November, while road racing occurs from February-May. From competitive to social, between mountain and road, Cal Poly Cycling caters to all cyclists. This site focuses on Cal Poly Cycling's mountain-bike conglomerate.

Hawaii Friday

From Cal Poly Cycling's Hawaii Friday effort in Poly Canyon, we view a variety of personalities, while tracing an afternoon expression of flair.

Oct. 7, 2016 – For Cal Poly Cycling, Hawaii Friday has become tradition, a weekly mountain-bike ride through the rolling roughage of San Luis Obispo’s Poly Canyon. While a collective of riders remains perched atop a ridge, mountain bikers converge from both sides. After a week of classes, Hawaii Friday is a time for reflection and relaxation, all while enjoying backcountry treasure. Originally, this particular ride gained steam in spring 2016; however, although it’s fall and the foliage has browned, plenty of energy remains. Oct. 7, 2016 – Before colliding with an active set of railroad tracks on West Cuesta Ridge, Cal Poly Cycling mountain bikers regroup with their compatriots. On this particular day, 38 team members joined the movement, all clad in Hawaiian shirts. Oct. 7, 2016 – Trevor Roland, a Cal Poly Cycling alumni, performs a bar twist in The Eucs section of Poly Canyon. The Eucs is designated for San Luis Obispo’s mountain bikers. It features flow trails, elevated wooden platforms, and jumps. In Roland’s words, 'Hawaii Friday is all smiles. This ride is something else.' Oct. 7, 2016 – During a jump sequence in The Eucs, Trevor Roland briefly leaves the frame, before righting his handlebars and settling down. Oct. 7, 2016 – At the end of the day, Trevor Roland, a Cal Poly Cycling alumni and current professional mountain-bike racer, enjoys having fun. After correcting his handlebars, he’s nearly back on the ground. Cal Poly Cycling has created a unique environment, which caters to professional cyclists, as well as social enthusiasts. Hawaiian shirts reduce the tension of cycling’s intense culture.  Oct. 7, 2016 – With no mountain bikers pictured, San Luis Obispo’s Poly Canyon reaches a mellow state, as it boasts a brilliant sunset. Oct. 7, 2016 – For Michael Beard, a general engineering sophomore at Cal Poly, it has been a difficult run on Hawaii Friday. During the past two weeks, Beard has encountered mechanical issues. While perched in Poly Canyon’s weeds, he inflates a flat tire. During maintenance, Beard spoke of a recent sell. 'Someone got a sweet bike for $100, after we flipped it and made $80. It was only $15 for all of the parts,' Beard said. He’s not opposed to work; however, dreaming of unencumbered singletrack, Beard watches Ryan Miller zoom towards the sunset. Miller, a mechanical engineering junior at Cal Poly, is Cal Poly Cycling’s vice president. Oct. 7, 2016 – Fall evenings lead to sunset chasing. During Hawaii Friday, it is increasingly difficult to focus on riding. Numerous Cal Poly Cycling members roll down Stenner Creek Trail, all attempting a quick return to campus. Oct. 7, 2016 – A fixture of Cal Poly Cycling, Tyler Mastromattei, an industrial engineering junior at Cal Poly, is the brain behind Hawaii Friday. Originally, the idea sparked in spring 2016. Now, 'This ride has more members than most of our meetings,' Mastromattei said. Perched near Cal Poly’s Sports Complex Road, Mastromattei is known to throw shakas, all while partaking in passion, pride and Hawaiian flair. Oct. 7, 2016 – With a pink moment on the horizon, Tyler Mastromattei celebrates another successful Hawaii Friday session. Meanwhile, Cal Poly’s Robert E. Kennedy Library remained well lit and occupied, a reminder to find balance in life.

Grooming Trails

While preparing for Cal Poly Cycling's Dirt Club Classic mountain-bike race, a day of trail work occurred in Los Olivos, California. Naturally, plenty of play entered the mix.

What Moves You?

After completing a Madonna Mountain loop with Liam Dunn and JP Purdom, we listen to the sounds of a ride, as well as motivations and interests, from four Cal Poly Cycling sources.

By The Numbers...

Cal Poly Cycling's 2016 mountain-bike season, although shortened to six races, was an absolute blast. Here, we conclude the season with a visual illustration.

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Cal Poly Cycling, Inspecting Its Backcountry Competitors

Assembled before Cal Poly Cycling's 2016 mountain-bike season, "Cal Poly Cycling, Inspecting Its Backcountry Competitors" displays curated content from 2015, while looking towards 2016.

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