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Below are pictures from a Halloween-themed event called Madonnaween. It is one of the many Lindy hop events that happen in San Luis Obispo.

  • Night at the innEvery year around Halloween, the Madonna Inn— an inn and restaurant in San Luis Obispo— holds a Halloween-themed event called Madonnaween. It’s been going on since 2005. Locals and out-of-towners alike come to dance Lindy Hop and participate in the event’s costume contest. *Photo taken by Celina Oseguera
  • Hitting the dance floorAbout an hour into the event, the costume judges asked dancers to hit the dance floor to show off their costumes and bust a move. *Photo taken by Celina Oseguera
  • I'm totally judging youThe judges included (left to right) Madonna Inn employee Heather Davis, CP Swing Dance member Jessica Wallace and SLO Rugcutter members Jessi Brown and Katie O’Neill. *Photo taken by Celina Oseguera
  • Swinging and sweeping of feetThe dance floor had a wide range of costumes, including a walking loofa. The loofa was San Luis Obispo resident Brittany Tomasko. *Photo taken by Celina Oseguera
  • A sweet rewardWhen the song ended and the dancing stopped, the judges were ready to give out first, second and third place for best costume. The prize? Madonna Inn cake.
  • Bubbling with joyThird place winner Brittany Tomasko was proud of her costume. "It's so unique. It's made of 80 yards of tulle (a type of fabric)," she said. *Photo taken by Celina Oseguera
  • First the worst, second the bestKendra Dimino (far left), Kevin Church (second from the left), Adam Olzick (second from the right) and Hannah Rasby (far right) tied for second place. Like the others, Olzick was happy to win, but had his mind elsewhere. "I think we're just very hungry for the cake," he said. *Photo taken by Celina Oseguera
  • Come on down!The first place prize was awarded to San Luis Obispo resident Amy Schultz (left foreground), donning a "left brain, right brain" concept costume. *Photo taken by Celina Oseguera
  • wowsliderAmy Schultz got her costume idea from photos on Facebook. Schultz looked at the photos and thought, "I could probably do that," she said. *Photo taken by Celina Oseguera
  • A blossoming eventWith every passing year, the event seems to get more popular, not only among the CP Swing Club members, but among others as well. SLO Rugcutter member and DJ for the night Lauren Chester was extremely happy about this reality. "It just gets bigger every year," Chester said. *Photo taken by Celina Oseguera
Night at the inn1 Hitting the dance floor2 I'm totally judging you3 Swinging and sweeping of feet4 A sweet reward5 Bubbling with joy6 First the worst, second the best7 Come on down!8 Proud winner9 A blossoming event10
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