Behind the Scenes: Kevin Conger Feature

At first, my group was struggling to find a topic to cover, until Brady mentioned Kevin Conger. Conger is a Cal Poly alum as well as the founding partner of CMG Landscape, an architecture firm focused on creating inclusive and sustainable spaces. From here, we reached out to Kevin, a few professors, students, and the dean of landscape architecture. Shortly after we decided to make this a feature piece that highlighted Kevin’s time at Cal Poly as well as his most impressive projects. We wanted to get quotes from our sources that explained his character and expressed the value they think he brings to the Cal Poly community. 

After speaking with Kevin, his passion for creating sustainable and environmentally conscious spaces became very apparent. He shared a story with us about how he was driving along the coast, and promised himself that his projects would never require deforestation but rather make existing cities more ecologically sound. His current Bay Area projects aim to incorporate more of the natural world in our everyday lives. 

“He takes the hard material that’s normally associated with an architectural product and studies how to interact it with a living thing. It’s his way of adding something to the overall experience,” according to the dean of the College of Architecture and Environmental Design Christine Theodoropoulos.

Following our interview with landscape architecture senior Matthew Nadeker, it was clear that Kevin’s frequent Cal Poly visits strongly impact students. Kevin has been a member of the Cal Poly Landscape Architecture Department Advisory Council for several years and works to guide aspiring students in the right direction. 

“Conger takes time out of his day to shape the young minds of Cal Poly. He has taught me to look towards the future and want to do something great for the good of all people not just something that could be considered a great project,” Nadeker said.

Our discussion with Kevin revealed how he tries to share his knowledge and experiences and looks forward to his campus visits. 

 I really encourage students to think about what’s most important in society today and figure out how to engage in that and make your work a relevant contribution,” Conger said.

My team member, Kelsey Luvisa, was the lead interviewer for all three sources. 

“I really enjoyed speaking with both the dean and a landscape architect about Kevin. They both had great things to say, and truly appreciated his contributions to their department,” Luvisa. 

Overall capturing this story was a good experience, that provided us with insight on one of Cal Poly’s distinguished alumni. Kevin’s success is a testament to the quality of Cal Poly’s landscape architecture department that has been ranked No. 4 in the country

My other team member, Kyla Osburn, had the opportunity of seeing CMG Landscape’s Treasure Island project this past weekend. 

Courtesy of Kyla Osburn.

“It was nice getting to see the first stages of this project. I can definitely see the potential this space has and am excited to see how it turns out,” said Osburn. 

The next time you are in the Bay Area, be sure to look out for some of Kevin’s innovative projects. Thanks for reading!