Pups and Brews

When our group’s initial story idea fell through, the team decided to do a story on Small Batch Brewers Festival. The Cal Poly senior project was in partnership with Woods Humane Society and seven of the county’s smallest breweries. When our team became aware that another team was doing a similar story on the event, there was a short panic.

“Lowkey worried about this project guys,” group member, Tula Urban said.

Urban took the initiative to get in contact with the other team to determine whether each team should take a different approach or for both teams to collaborate with one another. Ultimately, we were advised that the story that was most well-written would be considered for publication.

“So, I guess our story is getting published,” Bianka Pantoja teased.

Photo by Tula Urban

The festival took place at Hacienda Antigua Hop Farm in San Luis Obispo on June 2 from 2 to 5 p.m where Urban was the only group member that attended.  No other group member was available to attend the event, but Urban was able to collect all the visual elements for the project.  

“I was so bummed I could not make it to the Small Batch Brewers Festival but thankfully Tula was able to cover me and take some awesome photos,” said Maddie Rabago who was tasked to do the interactive component of the project.

Urban was unable to obtain a press pass and had to purchase a ticket to attend and film at the event. She planned to get b-roll and interview attendees. At the event, attendees could experience unlimited tastings, small bites from local restaurants, live music with O’Donna and a tour of Hacienda Antigua’s new Hop Farm.

Photo by Tula Urban

The following week after the event, Abbie Lauten-Scrivner interviewed Steve Kragenbrink, Director of Marketing and Community Programs at Woods in addition to Emily Taylor, co-owner of 7Sisters Brewing Company and professor of biological sciences.

Fortunately group member, Nicole Horton is friends with one of the members of the senior project, Sierra Levesque. She is the marketing senior responsible for the event’s activities and silent auction. Although Horton knew Levesque, Lauten-Scrivner was struggling to schedule a time to interview her and would ask Horton for help.

“I do not want to pester, but could you check in with [Levesque] to see when she can interview? She has not texted me back yet,” Lauten-Scrivner said.

With Horton’s help, Lauten-Scrivner got a response in less than five minutes for a scheduled interview.

“I’ve been hearing about this project and how hard this team has been working from [Levesque] all quarter long, so I was so happy when she and her classmates said they were more than willing to have our group report on it,” Horton said. “I just knew we could potentially face some timing issues.”

Two days later, Lauten-Scrivner and Urban showed up at Levesque’s house for a sit-down interview, where she addressed more of the behind-the-scenes details of the event and the planning that went behind it. Her team was tasked to put on a festival for the first time where their senior project benefited both homeless animals and small local businesses.

“We all just had to figure it out,” Levesque said. “For all of us, the week before the event we were freaking out. But then everything worked out.”

Photo by Tula Urban

Throughout the quarter, our team struggled with locking in stories and interviews, yet we were much more prepared to meet deadlines on our fourth project. By Wednesday, the week our project was due, all interviews were completed and visuals were being edited. As a result, each team member was able to complete their part of the project at a much more relaxed pace than the last project.