Behind the Scenes: SloGlo

The reporting for this project went a lot smoother than our first two projects. Our sources were much easier to reach as well as quicker and more responsive when we reached out. In addition, I think the project was a lot more successful because the story itself was more upbeat and fun to report on.

“This project was a really fun one to work on. The SLO GLO club was really excited and open to interviews, which was a nice change from our previous stories. Using longer exposure and taking videos at night was a challenge for this story, however I was able to learn so much more about the filming and editing process because of it,” said Taylor Barnett.

Slo Glo is a really neat club and were a great group to work with. we really appreciated their time and effort into helping us put together a great story. Trevor Robertson, the co-president describes his love for Slo Glo, “getting into your own headspace, a Zen state where you can really feel the rhythm of the music, nature or what you’re spinning”.

They were engaging and eager to help the whole time. It was awesome that we got to attend one of their meetings as well as a bonfire where they showed off their fascinating moves and tricks.

“This story was much easier to work on than the others. It was great to work with Slo Glo. They were enthusiastic and I got to learn about a new art form,” said Lauren McElroy.

There were a lot of aspects of this project that worked out really smoothly that contributed largely to our success. The key factor into the fun surrounding the project was having sources that were willing to talk about their passion and hobbies.  It was really cool to learn what inspires them, interests them, and how they got their start. We were actually able to directly contact and speak to the founder of the club itself which offered a really great insight and wonderful quotes!

“Attending the club meeting and being able to contact the founders of the club through one of my friends were my favorite parts of this project. Everyone was so nice and excited to talk about their passion. It made this story a joy to work on,” said Leanna Newby.

The first thing that we figured out for the project was our covering plan. We needed to figure out what the angle of the project would be. Since the club has been in and out of popularity, we thought this would be a good opportunity to bring it to the attention of a larger audience. We were deciphering wether to include upcoming events and dates because we didn’t want it to sound to promotional. Our final choice to make it a feature based story was the best because it really allowed for a compelling and flushed out story with a great idea of what the club was really about at it’s core.

I am proud of how the final project turned out and it was one of my favorite topics I have ever worked on in my time at Cal Poly.