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This tiny house could be the solution to SLO’s big housing problem

Tiny Home Of SLO Blog Post

By Joey De Anda

San Luis Obispo is a beautiful coastal town located on the 101 fwy in the heart of California’s Central Coast. The town boasts beautiful scenery and no shortage of amazing outdoor activities. The great school system and safe neighborhoods make San Luis Obispo an ideal place to raise a family… that is if you can afford it. The central coast also has one of the most unaffordable housing markets in the country where the median home price is nearly half a million dollars.

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Some people are looking to change the fact that only a few can afford to live and stay in a community they have grown to love. The idea of building a tiny home community is the possible solution to a problem that is plaguing the area where homes are hard to come by. While tiny homes are not traditional dwellings that have the standard amenities but they give people the opportunity to have ownership over property that they can call their own.

The local non-profit Hopes Village of SLO is one of those groups trying to make a change. The organizers say they are attempting to find a piece of land that is approximately five acres in size that could be the site of the future tiny home village. The organizers are looking for the funding for such a venture and hope to end the homeless problem in San Luis Obispo with such a project. The concept would not be like a traditional mobile home park because tiny homes have a character and feel all of their own.

A social media survey we completed about the idea of a tiny home solution to the big problem of homelessness in SLO did not have the feedback that was expected. Most people really don’t see the tiny homes as a solution to the homeless problem and a facebook forum really confirmed that as there are deeper seated issues like lack of healthcare and mental health care for those who are struggling. In addition the comments were made that the ability to get people back on their feet was the most important.

What was valuable was the fact that we were able to find someone who owns a tiny home and get a tour while talking with her about the life adjustments she has made in making the transition all while having a great experience and how she recommends it.



 “The project was at times difficult to link in all of the different dynamics but we worked well together as a group and all pulled our weight making it to the different events”-Joey De Anda

“I think our topic ended up working very well for us. I think us going together for most interviews definitely helped us succeed. We found good sources and I think we have a great story about tiny homes in SLO” – Courtney Lucas

“This is a great project and video, we were able to show what it is like to live in a tiny home and the impact that it could make.” – Warren Fox

“It was fun to be able to see really different ways people live. Julie’s place might be small, but you can’t beat her view” – Danika Shultz