Journalism 285 | Home

Below is a list of sites created in Spring 2019.

  1. Cal Polytics
  2. The Modified Student
  3. Cal Poly’s Got Talent
  4. SLO Skatepark
  5. Madonna Inn: An Inside Look
  6. Mission SLO de Tolosa Travel Blog
  7. Slome away from Home
  8. Music for Your Mind
  9. Snowy Plovers
  10. Student Report the Fremont SLO
  11. SLO Got Style
  12. Path to Diversity and Inclusion
  13. The Mallucci Inquirer
  14. Culture at the Kennedy
  15. Vintagelamode
  16. Get Rec’d!
  17. Cal Poly Crafts
  18. Drag Up Your Life
  19. Student Social Media Use at Cal Poly SLO

Below is a list of sites created in Winter 2014.

What’s the Big Deal?
At Your Public Service
The Cal Poly Cattle Rancher
Between Nostalgias
weusedtobeneighbors: documenting homelessness in San Luis Obispo
Poly Music Culture
Life after dorms: A housing guide for Cal Poly students
Treehugger Tidings
healthy minds
Dress to Impress
SLO Gluten Free
Cali Coastal
Poly Technology
Struggles of a Cal Poly Student
SLO Cuisine
Easy AccesSEX

Below is a list of sites created in Fall 2012.

The Music Plays On
SLO Beats
Central Coast Food Adventures
SLO’s Hidden Gems
Essential For All
Mustache SLO
Morning Joe in SLO
Eques 4 Less
Finding Your SLOme
Forget Photo Phobia
The World at Our Feet
SLO Street Stars
Vintage Jewelry Blog
Central Coast Wild

Below is a list of links to the class blogs created in Fall, 2011.

Between the Type
The Hoof: Cal Poly’s Finest News Source
SLO Photos
The SLO Swimming Scene
The Cookie Connoisseur
RA On Duty
Viva La Vogue
Can’t Spell Flirt Without Fit
Poly in the Pretty
SLO Drips
Fun Places To Go In And Around “America’s Happiest City”
Starting SlOver Again
Eat at SLO’s
Living SLO Close
Mustang Soccer

Below is a list of links to the class blogs created in winter, 2011.

Running in SLO
The Full Vegetarian
Morro Rock
Country Music in SLO
Mustang Daily Editor’s Blog
SLO Adventures
Sleeping Inn SLO
SLO Sights
SLO Fashion
Surfing in SLO
SLO Happenings
Going Green in SLO
Homelessness in SLO
Nutrition at Cal Poly
Embracing Cooking
Cal Poly ASI
Quirky Professors
Hiking SLO(ly)

Below is a list of links to the class blogs created in fall, 2010. Click here to see the class syllabus.

SLO Farmers’ Markets
Making it Big SLO
Cal Poly Football
Cal Poly Basketball
Farming Food
SLO Adventures
Cal Poly Off Campus
SLO Volunteering
Religion SLO
Pursuit of Piano
Bon Voyage SLO Dining
Free SLO
Get Involved Cal Poly
Go Climb A Rock
SLO Happy Hours
SLO Lifestyle